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Evaluation of expression In C Programming Language

An expression is a combination of variables, constants and operators arranged according to the syntax of the language.
C can handle any complex expression with ease.
It is little bit different from algebraic expression.
Algebraic Expressions C Expressions
axb-cxd a*b-c*d
(m+n)(a+b) (m+n)*(a+b)
Evaluation of expression:
We can evaluate an expression by using assignment statement. As
Variable = Expression.
e.g. :
Temp = ((f * cos(x)/sin (y))+(g * sin(x)/cos(y)))
All relevant variables must be assigned values before the evaluation of the expression.
Type conversion in expression:
To effectively develop C programs, it would be necessary for you to understand the rules that are used for the implicit conversion of operands.
If an expression contains an operation between an int and a float, the int would be automatically promoted to a float before carrying out of operation.