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Activating DOS from Window

To activate DOS from Windows we will need the following steps:
1) Locate the MS-DOS icon on the Desktop.

2) Now move the mouse-pointer over the MS-DOS icon present on the Desktop and double click the left mouse button. Instantly, the DOS screen along with a prompt(C:\>) is displayed.

Or we can do it like these ways:
1. Let’s open an MS-DOS Prompt window. To do that, click on the “Start” menu (at the lower left of our screen) and select “Run…”. Then we type “command” (no quotation marks) into the box and click “OK”.

2. We should see an MS-DOS Prompt window appear.

3. We tell the MS-DOS Prompt window what we want to do by typing commands rather than using our mouse. The MS-DOS Prompt window understands the commands. At the end of each command, press the Enter key. To get help on a particular command, add ” /?” to the end of the command, such as: “dir /?”.

Here we see the help of command ver.
We are using the VER/? And press the Enter

If we cannot find the MS-DOS icon on the Desktop of Windows then we should take the following steps to display it:

1) Double click on the My Computer icon present. Immediately, the My Computer icon opens into a window.

2) Now double click on the Local Disk[C:]. Immediately, the content of Local Disk[C:] get displayed inside the window.

3) In the contents of the Local Disk[C:] , locate the Windows sub-folder and double click over it. Immediately, the content of Windows sub-folder get displayed.

4) Locate the MS-DOS icon.

5) Once the MS-DOS icon is located, move the mouse-pointer over it and press the left mouse-button.

6) Keeping the left mouse –button pressed, drag the icon onto the Desktop. Instantly, a message box gets displayed, asking “Do you wish to make a shortcut of the icon or not.”

7) Click on the Yes button. Immediately an icon of MS-DOS gets displayed on the Desktop.

8) Now Enjoy the DOS in your way.