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Usage and Advantage of FORTRAN Programming Language

Usage of FORTRAN
1. This is widely used at space research centers, DRDO, NASA, ISRO and many of University like Cambridge, Department of Engineering etc.
2. Used commercially for technical and scientific computations.
3. Principal language on the IBM SP Supercomputer and all Cray machines.
Advantage of FORTRAN
Following are the important advantages of Fortran Language:
1. Fortran is a simple language
2. Fortran has always existed
3. Fortran compilers are generally available
4. Earlier the first programming language
5. Good at numerical analysis and technical calculations
6. A large number of programs and routines in Fortran are exchanged internationally
7. Efficient compilers
8. The first standardized programming language
9. Is continually developed (a new version each decade)
10. The dominating language on supercomputers