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Intoduction of Multimedia in HTML

In multimedia, you will learn how to provide the songs, video and picture (images) in your web page. How it will feel to you that whenever you open your web …

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How to Hyperlink an Image

  To hyperlink an image first we have to insert the image on the web page. So question is how to insert the image on the web page. In html …

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How to make the image as Hyperlink

Format: <a href=”path_of_file” > <img src=”path” width=”number” height=”number”></a>   Example: <a href=”list.html”><img src=”img\logo_in.gif” width=”200″ height=”200″></a>   To make an image as hyperlink just enter the <img> tag between the <a> …

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Attributes in HTML

Attribute Value Description src path of audio file Defines the path of the audio file. loop positive integer Defines the no. of times the file must be played.   So …

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How to add the audio files to your Webpage

If you want to add the audio file then just replace the name of the video file with the other audio file name.   Example: <img border=”0″ dynsrc=”img\border.wav” start=”fileopen” loop=”0″ …

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