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What is Multithreading in java?

What is Multithreading in java? Multithreading A program can be divided into a number of small processes. Each small process can be addressed as a single thread (a lightweight process). …

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Thread Class in java

Thread class is the main class on which Java’s Multithreading system is based. Thread class, along with its companion interface Runnable will be used to create and run threads for …

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Creating a thread in java

Java defines two ways by which a thread can be created. By implementing the Runnable interface. By extending the Thread class. Implementing the Runnable Interface The easiest way to create …

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Joining threads in java

Sometimes one thread needs to know when another thread is ending. In java, isAlive() and join() are two different methods to check whether a thread has finished its execution. The …

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Synchronization in java

At times when more than one thread try to access a shared resource, we need to ensure that resource will be used by only one thread at a time. The …

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Interthread Communication in java

Java provide benefit of avoiding thread pooling using interthread communication. The wait(), notify(),notifyAll() of Object class. These method are implemented as final in Object. All three method can be called …

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